Popular fruits from throughout the world (including oranges, strawberries, and bananas) are imported and widely accessible in South Korea. Unfortunately, many of South Korea’s natural fruits are frequently exported or cultivated in other nations and continents almost as much. In this post, I present a few of the common fruit varieties produced in South Korea. While some of these fruits are simple to locate, you might need to go outside of South Korea for others.

I listed a list of some popular Korean fruits with image.

1. 사과 – (sa-gwa)Apple

2. 바나나 – (ba-na-na) banana

3. 망고 – (mang-go) mango

4. 오렌지- (o-ren-ji) Orange

귤 – Mandarin orange

5. 수박 – (su-bak) watermelon

6. 키위 – (ki-wi) kiwi

7. 배 – (bae) pear

8. 포도 – (po-do) grapes

9. 딸기 – (ttal-gi) Strawberry

10. 파파야 (pa-pa-ya) papaya

11. 석류 (seok-ryu) pomegranate

12. 파인애플 – (pa-in-ae-pil) pineapple

13. 레몬 (re-mon) lemon

14. 코코넛 (kokoneot) coconut

15. 용과 – (yong-gwa) Dragonfruit

16. 복숭아 – (bok-sung-a) peach

17. 체리 – (cheri) cherry

18. 자두 – (jadu) plum

19. 감 – (gam) persimmon

20. 멜론 (mellon) melon

21. 블루베리 – (beul-lu-be-ri) Blueberry

22. 라즈베리 – (la-jeu-be-ri) Raspberry

23. 아보카도 – (a-bo-ka-do) Avocado

24. 무화과 – (mu-hwa-gwa) Fig

25. 블랙베리 – (beul-laek-be-ri) Blackberry

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