Chapter 15 – 날씨가 맑아서 기분이 좋아요. I feel good because the weather is clear and sunny.

학습 안내
Study Guide
↪ ‌ Learning Objectives Talking about the weather and your feelings
↪ ‌ Grammar -네요, -아서/어서
↪ ‌ Vocabulary and Expressions The weather and seasons,
Feelings and moods
↪ ‌ Information and Culture Four seasons in Korea

Track 49

Chapter 15 – 문법 1 Grammar 1 -네요.

“-네요” is used to express feeling or wonder or surprise about a fact that the speaker has
come to know about something. “-네요” is used after adjectives or verb stems regardless of
whether they end in a final consonant or not.

Track G15-1

Track 50

Chapter 15 – 문법 2 Grammar 2 -아서/어서

Attached to a verb or an adjective, it expresses a reason or a cause for an action or a
state. If the last vowel of the stem is “ㅏ” or “ㅗ”, “-아서” is added. If the last vowel of the stem
is a vowel other than “ㅏ” or “ㅜ”, “-어서” is added. If the verb ends with “하다”, “하다” becomes

Track G15-2

Chapter 15- EPS-TOPIK 듣기 EPS-TOPIK Listening

Question 1 is about the vocabulary for the seasons, Question 2 is about the
vocabulary for the weather. Listen carefully and choose the the word that you

Track 51

Track L-15

Chapter 15 – EPS-TOPIK 읽기 EPS-TOPIK Reading

Question 1 is about expressions for the weather, and Question 2 is about
expressions for mood or emotion. Choose the appropriate expression for the

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