Chapter 9 – 가족이 몇 명이에요? How many family members do you have?

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Study Guide
↪ ‌ Learning Objectives
Asking and answering questions about family
↪ ‌ Grammar 하고, 에(장소)
↪ ‌ Vocabulary and Expressions Family, Looks and Personality
↪ ‌ Information and Culture Honorific forms and Casual speech

Track 31

문법 1 Grammar 1 하고

“하고” expresses the listing of various things or people and corresponds to “and” in English. “하
고” can also indicate the person with which the subject performs an action and corresponds
to ‘(together) with’ in English. It is usually in the colloquial form. “와/과” has the same
meaning and is used in the written form.

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Track 32

문법 2 Grammar 2 에

“에” is used after a location noun to tell about the location or the place where the subject
exists. It is also used to tell the direction or the destination of the action with the verbs “가다
(to go)” ,”오다 (to come)”, etc.

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