chapter 8 – 12시 30분에 점심을 먹어요 I have lunch at 12:30 pm.

학습 안내
Study Guide
↪ Learning Objectives
Asking and answering questions about daily routine and time
↪ Grammar -아요/어요, 에(시간)
↪ Vocabulary and Expressions The daily routine, The time
↪ Information and Culture Let’s get to work on time

Track 28

문법 1 Grammar 1 -아요/어요

“-아요/어요”is an informal-polite ending that shows a sentence is finished by combining
with a verb or an adjective. “-아요” is used after vowels “ㅏ” or “ㅗ” of the stem in the verb
or adjective. “-어요” is used when the last vowel is not “ㅏ” or “ㅗ” And the “하다” verb or
adjective becomes “해요’” . “-아요/어요?” when it is used in a question sentence.

Track G08-1

Track 29

문법 2 Grammar 2 에

“에” is used after words that indicate time to tell about a time when a certain things takes
place. “에” is used whether a noun ends in a final consonant or a vowel.

Track G08-2

Track 30

Track L-08

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