Chapter-12 병원 옆에 약국이 있어요 There is a pharmacy next to the hospital.

학습 안내
Study Guide
↪ Learning Objectives Finding a location and the way
↪ ‌ Grammar -(으)세요, (으)로
↪ ‌ Vocabulary and Expressions
Locomotive verbs, Locations and Directions
↪ ‌ Information and Culture Streets

Track 40

문법 1 Grammar 1 -(으)세요

“-(으)세요” is an imperative ending which is used to give a command or instruction to
someone.”-세요” is added when the final consonant is “ㄹ” or does not have a final
consonant, while “-으세요” is added when the final consonant is other than “ㄹ”.

Track G12-1

Track 41

문법 2 Grammar 2 (으)로

“(으)로” is attached to a noun and expresses the direction of a locomotive verb that follows
“(으)로”. When a noun ends in a vowel or the final consonant “ㄹ, 로” is used. When a noun
ends in a final consonant other than “ㄹ’,”으로” is used.

Track G12-2

Chapter 12 – EPS-TOPIK 듣기 EPS-TOPIK Listening

Questions 1 and 2 are about choosing a vocabulary item related to locations.
Question 3 is about choosing locomotive verb expressions. Listen carefully and
choose the correct one.

Track 42

Track L-12

Chapter 12 – EPS-TOPIK 읽기 EPS-TOPIK Reading

Questions 1 to 3 are about choosing the appropriate sentence after looking at
the pictures. Choose the right sentence for the picture.

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