Chapter – 10 어제 도서관에서 한국어를 공부했어요. I studied Korean at the library yesterday.

학습 안내
Study Guide
↪ ‌ Learning Objectives
Asking and answering questions about dates and places
↪ Grammar -았/었-, 에서
↪ Vocabulary and Expressions
Dates and days of the week, Places and actions
↪ ‌ Information and Culture National holidays in Korea

Track 34

문법 1 Grammar 1 -았/었-

“-았/었-” is used to express something or a situation that occurred in the past. It is
correspondent to ‘did/had’ (in the past) in English. It is formed by adding “-았어요” to the stem
of verbs and adjectives with stems ending in the vowel “ㅏ” or “ㅗ’”. Otherwise, “-었어요” is
added after the stem. Verbs ending in “하다” change to “했어요” which is the abbreviated form
of “하였어요”.

Track G10-1

Track 35

문법 2 Grammar 2 에서

“에서” expresses the location where someone is doing something or where something is
taking place. It is used after location nouns.

Track G10-2


Listen carefully and choose the correct date.

Track 36

Track L-10

Chapter 10 – EPS-TOPIK 읽기 EPS-TOPIK Reading

Question 1 concerns a place, while Questions 2 and 3 concern actions. Choose
the appropriate expression for the picture.

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